Sport Touring never felt this good. With a sophisticated specification that includes electronic semi-active suspension that constantly adjusts front and rear damping force to give you the smoothest and most secure ride – whatever the load or speed – the TRACER 9 GT is engineered to deliver the highest levels of dynamic touring comfort.

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KYB semi-active suspension

Fully adjustable electronic front and rear suspension is governed by the 6-axis IMU and ECU which activate the Hydraulic Unit (HU) and Suspension Control Unit (SCU). Damping settings are instantaneously adjusted via a solenoid to achieve a smooth and secure ride – regardless of the load or riding conditions. Mode is set through the TFT interface.

Up and down QSS

TRACER 9 CT comes equipped with an up and down Quick Shift System (Oss) for faster and smoother clutch-less gear shifting. A sensor on the shift rod detects movement and the ECU momentarily cuts drive torque to the 890cc CP3 engine to give seamless mid-corner gear shifting that maintains chassis balance and stability and ensures more relaxed cruising.

LED cornering lights

Next-generation LED cornering lights highlight the apex of every corner to help guide you in the darkest nights. Brightness is automatically increased as the banking angle gets steeper, giving a clear field of vision that allows sportier riding long into the night. The system operates when the bike is leaning at more than 7 ํ at a speed of at least 5 km/h.

Grip heater:

The fully integrated ten-level grip heater can be fully controlled using the handlebar scroll wheel and is monitored by the TFT meter. Specially shaped grips feature thinner rubber that allows efficient transmission of heat for all-weather riding comfort.

Dedicated colours and graphics

TRACER 9 GT is offered in an exclusive new Pure White finish with new graphics on the side cowls for a distinguished look. TRACER 9 GT is also available in Midnight Black

EU5 890cc CP3 engine

Developing high levels of linear torque at low to mid rpm, the 890cc liquid cooled CP3 engine produces outstanding acceleration and thrilling corner exit speeds – making this the sportiest TRACER 9 GT. Optimised gear ratios plus the A&S clutch deliver super-smooth performance – and the glorious growl from the twin-tail exhaust and efficient intake system amplifies the thrill of every ride.

Lightweight CF aluminium die-cast frame

TRACER 9 GT is equipped with a lightweight CF die-cast aluminium Deltabox Frame providing high levels of rigidity that gives sport bike agility with sure- Footed stability. For excellent high speed stability combined with sporty cornering and agile handling there’s an extended TRACER 9-specific aluminium swingarm.

win 3.5″ TFT meters

Twin 3.5″ TFT screens provide intuitive, easy-to-read data that enables you to focus on your riding while being kept fully informed. While the left screen displays key operational information such as speed, rpm, gear and rider aid mode,the right screen features non-critical data including odometer, temperature and trip 1 and trip 2.



     3 สูบ,4 จังหวะระบายความร้อนด้วยน้ำ,DOHC,4 วาล์ว


     890 ซีซี

     กระบอกสูบ x ระยะชัก

     78 x 62.1 มม




     87.5 กิโลวัตต์ (119 แรงม้า) ที่ 10,000 รอบต่อนาที


     93.0 นิวตันเมตร (9.5 กก.-ม.) ที่ 7,000 รอบต่อนาที






     เเบบเปียก ชนิดหลายเเผ่น






     6 สปีด




     5.0ลิตร/100 กม

ค่า CO2

     116 ก./กม


     น้ำมันเบนซินไร้สารตะกั่ว หรือ น้ำมันแก๊สโซฮอล์ (E10)