The XSR900 holds its own on all routes, whether it is on those daydreaming twisty roads or the open straight, it feels at home doing both. Equipped with the most modern electronics package that gives every rider the highest level of controllability in any type of situation. And with its sporty Quick Shifter as well as a relaxed Cruise Control, you can go as you please with this 3-cylinder muscle machine.

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Historic Yamaha Racing influenced design

The XSR900’s pure and purposeful design offers a unique blend of timeless sports styling combined with references to Yamaha’s legendary Deltabox-framed race bikes of the 1980s. Details like the gap between the cafe’ style humped seat and racer-inspired fuel tank – as well as minimalist side panels and hidden rear lighting underline its position as the ultimate Faster Son.

High quality details and premium materials

The XSR900 is fitted with high quality materials throughout. From the superb cockpit detailing, drilled fork caps and forged aluminium foot controls through to the dual colour and dual stitched seat – as well as racer-inspired details like the quick release fasteners and folding passenger pegs – the look and feel of this premium sport heritage bike inspires lasting pride of ownership.

Flexible and relaxed riding position

You’ll find that the ergonomics on this outstanding sport heritage bike give you all the flexibility and versatility you need in different types of riding – sports,urban or relaxed. Its slightly rear-biased riding position with wide controllable handlebars give that pure roadster feel – and the relaxed foot position and “sit-in” not “sit-on” seat with rear hump provides a comfortable and secure riding feeling.

Signature XSR full LED lighting

The XSR900 continues with the signature round headlamp that characterises every Yamaha Sport heritage bike, and now features full LED lighting with a split projector and half round position lamp. The hidden taillight has a smoked appearance that enhances the bike’s pure and timeless looks – while compact and bright LED flashers complete lighting package.

Modern take on historic colouring

The XSR900 pays homage to the past through colouring and graphics referencing historic Yamaha racing motorcycles. The Legend Blue option is a modern interpretation of one of Yamaha’s most famous racing colour schemes, underlining the fact that the performance and design implications of the 80s era still have a firm influence in the present day – with the Deltabox chassis as clear proof.

High performance brakes and suspension

No compromises have been made when it comes to the XSR900’s technical specification that includes a Brembo radial master cylinder and 298 mm dual front discs that gives you high levels of braking power and precise controllability. Fully adjustable USD forks and link-type rear suspension system are easy to set up to suit your needs, and Yamaha’s latest superlight Spinforged wheels minimise unsprung weight for responsive handling performance.

Sophisticated electronic rider controls

When you ride the newest XSR900 you can experience the advantages that come with one of the most advanced electronic rider control packages. At the heart of this system is an R1-derived 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit which controls the Lean Sensitive Traction Control, Slide Control System (SCS) and front wheel LIFt control system (LIF) for secure riding in different conditions. Modes can be selected and controlled via the full colour TFT meter.

Versatile high-torque EU5 CP3 890 cc engine

Yamaha’s 890cc CP3 engine is the perfect match for the XSR900’s sporty and versatile Deltabox chassis. Producing high levels of linear torque, this smooth and controllable inline 3-cylinder engine is ready to deliver whatever style of riding you feel like at the time. Ride it hard for thrilling adrenaline performance, or let it pull at lower rpm in a higher gear when you want to take it easy. And with its specially tuned intake and exhaust sound, every ride is an aural experience. Rev or Relax, the choice is yours!

Lightweight Deltabox-style chassis, long swingarm

First developed for Yamaha’s race bikes in the 1980s, Yamaha’s Deltabox frame design is recognised for its combination of strength and lightness. The XSR900 is equipped with the latest version of the Deltabox frame, and features walls of different thickness that gives “tuned rigidity” providing sporty and precise handling with a higher level of feel and feedback. A new longer swingarm gives the bike a relaxed and planted feel to suit its versatile character.

QSS, Cruise Control, A&S clutch

The XSR900 comes with a high specification as standard and includes a Quick Shift System for clutchless upshifts and downshifts, as well as an Assist & Slipper (A&S) clutch for increased chassis controllability when slowing down. The Cruise Control is ideal for when you’re in a relaxed mood.



     3สูบ,4 จังหวะ ระบายความร้อนด้วยน้ำ,DOHC,4 วาล์ว


     890 ซีซี

    กระบอกสูบ x ระยะชัก

     78.0 x 62.1 มม


     11.5 : 1


     87.5 นิวตันเมตร (119.0 เเรงม้า) ที่ 10,000 รอบต่อนาที


     93.0 นิวตันเมตร (9.5 กก.-ม.) ที่ 7,000 รอบต่อนาที






     เเบบเปียก ชนิดหลายเเผ่น






     6 สปีด





ค่า CO2

     116 ก./กม


     น้ำมันเบนซินไร้สารตะกั่ว หรือ น้ำมันแก๊สโซฮอล์ (E10)



     ระบบกันสะเทือน (หน้า)

     เทเลสโคปิก แบบหัวกลับ

 ระบบกันสะเทือน (หลัง)

     อลูมิเนียม สวิงอาร์มพร้อมโช้คอัพ


     130 มม


     137 มม


     ดิสเบรคคู่ไฮดรอริก 298 มม


     ดิสก์เบรกเดี่ยวไฮดรอลิก 245 มม


     120/70 Z R17M/C (58W) เเบบไม่มียางใน


     180/55 Z R17M/C (73W) เเบบไม่มียางใน


     2,155 มม


     860 มม


     1,155 มม


     810 มม


     1,495 มม


     140 มม

    น้ำหนักรถ (รวมน้ำมันเต็มถังและน้ำมันเครื่อง)

     193 กก


     14 ลิตร


     3.50 ลิตร